Ladies Open (Tri-Am)

Date: Monday 4th July 2022 (always held on the first Monday in July)

Entry fee: £12.00 per player   


NCG Top 100's Tour - The link to the Irvine event page can be found below.






Gents Open (The Walker Putter)

Date : 6th August 2022 (always held on the first Saturday in August)

Closing date for entries : 30th June 2022
One round Medal play

Open to male players who hold a current SGU handicap (no juniors)

Handicap limit : 28

2022 Entry fee : £25.00

2022 Prize list : £150, £100, £80, £60, £40, £30 in three sections; scratch, 1st class & 2nd class

The break between 1st and 2nd class shall be decided and announced before the competition and shall be dependent on the handicaps of the entrant

The Senior Open

Date: Wednesday 3rd August 2022 (always held on the first Wednesday in August)

Entry fee: £15.00 per player (includes entry to the 2's competition )

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